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root&star magazine debuts

I am so excited to announce a collaboration with many amazing artists on a children’s magazine that I founded this year. root&star magazine has now officially launched and is ready for shipping right to your door! Please consider purchasing a copy or subscription for a child you love. It is filled with work by amazing artists and writers, all sharing their talents with our wisest and wildest tiny humans. Enjoy!

root&star magazine

I am so proud to announce that I have been collaborating for a long time — with dear friends and artists that inspire me — to create a beautiful, quality magazine for children. Root&Star magazine launches this January, and you can pre-order now in time for gifting for the holidays. Please order an issue or subscription and support a beautiful, ad-free children’s magazine like no other. Thank you so much! issue1cover600


I didn’t know until I had a child who is transgender that sex is different than gender. I gave birth to a male, that is true, but when that male could articulate its identity, she said sweetly, apologetically, insistently, her truth: I have a beautiful daughter. This twinning of spirits, living both he and she, innocently crossing the binary, in many cultures it is seen as holy. This video chronicles her — our — transition. The gorgeous music that accompanies the images is a song by my good friend, Chana Rothman, fresh off her new album, Rainbow Train (called the Free to Be You and Me for our generation). See Chana Rothman’s article about this song in the Huffington Post HERE. It is my hope that peace washes over us when we most need it, and that we can give our world strength to love deeper.