I am Courtney Mandryk, a writer and an artist living in Charlottesville, Virginia. I have an MFA in Poetry from the University of Michigan and an MFA in Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

MOTHDRAWN explores the lyrical and ephemeral in the everyday.

In our home, objects upon entering assume new purpose, turning into art. Often these objects and drawings of objects are composted, cut apart, stacked, reconfigured, or fall away. There are recurring characters and themes: plant parts, stackings of things, and pieces of the domestic rearranged to exit usefulness and verge on abstraction. The themes drift in and pull away then drift back in again like components of a domestic orchestra.

These objects don’t accumulate to an ecstatic amount. The end is play and the beauty therein. I hone in on the simplicity, the strange haiku of objects as they shift.

The form of MOTHDRAWN allows me to accept the unexpected, the incoming and outgoing of objects, their snipping and drawing and redrawing and composting that is organized by poetry and time.

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